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Key values are:

  • Pragmatic advice at top level
TCF will actually be personally involved in carrying out the consultancy work. The TCF expertise and experience will contribute to an optimal solution for your corporate finance challenges and/ or the realization of the envisaged transaction. Expertise, creativity and a pragmatic approach go hereby hand in hand.

  • Independency
The advice from TCF is independent. There are no economic and / or legal ties with other financial organizations. The interests of the client are therefore always priority. Also through the use of strict compliance procedures possible conflicting situations are avoided.

  • Best team
Depending on the type of assignment, tasks and personal match, TCF will setup the best team for the client. Besides various professional expertise roles, TCF plays mainly a coordinating and management role. TCF combines years of transaction experience with an extensive network of specialists both nationally and internationally.

  • Partnership with clients
TCF is committed to its clients and seeks partnerships for the long term. TCF works in partnership with clients to come jointly with pragmatic and creative solutions.